‘Next year’: After a successful trial and millions of rides, e-scooters may be approved.


E-SCOOTERS may soon have greater access across the UK with plans to introduce legislation to integrate them into cities.

Currently, e-scooters are limited to certain cities through Government-approved trials. Multiple different companies operate in cities around the UK, including Voi in Birmingham and Liverpool, Lime in London and Manchester and Neuron in Newcastle.

The scooters which are part of the Government trial are only allowed to be driven on public roads.

Anyone who buys an e-scooter can only use it on private land.

If people are caught riding a privately-owned e-scooter in public they face a £300 fine and six points on their driving licence.

The rider may even see their e-scooter confiscated by the police.

Electric scooters are currently classed as “powered transporters” by the Government and fall under the same laws and regulations that apply to all motor vehicles.

According to the Sunday Mirror, a Government source said that legislation is “definitely going to happen by next year.”

“No question.”

Many local trials have been extended until the end of March 2022.


This is so local authorities, the Department for Transport and the wider Government can gather the most comprehensive evidence possible.

E-scooters would likely have the same rules as electronic and conventional bicycles.

This would include having to use roads and cycle paths, as well as lights after dark.

Many e-scooters would also be capped at having a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour.

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Jack Samler, general manager at Voi UK and Ireland, commented on the future of e-scooters, as well as the impact of the fuel crisis on driving habits.

He said: “The last few days have shown a significant spike in people wanting to try our e-scooters and have offered people a new alternative mode of transport, that means they are still able to work and travel when their car is off the road.

“In the long-term, we need to find alternative ways to get around that are better for the environment and e-scooters can play a part in reducing car usage in dense, inner-city areas.

“This week’s events have at least opened many more people’s eyes to the role that e-scooters could play in the transport mix in future.”

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