New top feature: WhatsApp and the mysterious clock on the profile picture


Tick, tack: On all mobile platforms and on the web, WhatsApp has received an innovation that allows us to clear chats automatically.

WhatsApp is gradually upgrading its range of functions, and the Messenger app for smartphones is no longer as simple and rudimentary as it was a few years ago. In recent days, a new feature has been added that could have been an idea of Wirecard’s bosses. If this function is active, you can already see it in the chat list – and in particularly clear chats.

Depending on the purpose of WhatsApp, it can make sense that the chat histories do not get out of hand and are emptied regularly. Until now, users would have always had to do this manually themselves, which is not necessarily practical or convenient. It is better with the “Expiring messages”, which should actually be available to all WhatsApp users now.

WhatsApp provides a cleaner for our chats

Expiring messages work equally well in individual chats and group chats. They ensure that the respective chat “stays clean”. In chats with this feature enabled, messages are deleted after seven days. A bit like self-destruction, only less cool than in a James Bond movie.

Chat participants are informed about the activated function. Firstly, with a message directly in the chat, and in addition, expiring chats also always have a clock icon on the profile picture. In a classic 1-to-1 chat, both participants can activate the new function, there is no user with more rights than the other.

New function does not provide more privacy
However, one should not misunderstand the expiring messages. WhatsApp still collects your metadata and the sent messages can be “screenshotted” or simply copied at any time. Therefore, we do not necessarily get a big plus in privacy. You still have to “watch out” when and with whom you write if privacy is particularly important to you.


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