New Releases on PS Vita’s Store Updated for First Time in Eons


© PSP2 RoundupFor the first time in almost a year, Sony has updated the new releases segment of the PlayStation Store on the PS Vita. For those of you who haven’t touched the forgotten format in a while, you may not know that the ‘Latest’ section had been abandoned for 10 months, meaning although new software was deploying on the device, it didn’t display in the appropriate tab.

However, fans noticed overnight that in the UK – and some other parts of the world, like Japan, Australia, and New Zealand – the new releases now actually display as they’re supposed to. We’ve been able to corroborate the tidbit on our console, and while there are still issues like broken profile icons, it does appear to be accurate as of the current date. Whether upcoming games like Habroxia 2 will also be added remains to be seen.

While we appreciate that the PS Vita is a legacy system these days, it’s always been bizarre that Sony failed to do the bare minimum for the handful of developers still supporting the system.

This, at the very least, helps the hardware’s remaining active users see what’s new on the unit, which can only be a good thing, right?


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