New number plates are becoming more common, yet many people are unfamiliar with the patterns.


New number plates are becoming more common, yet many people are unfamiliar with the patterns.

According to AA President Edmund King, new green number plates will become a “more familiar sight” on UK roads in the coming years due to a “increasing spectrum” of electric cars on UK roads.

To distinguish electric automobiles from conventional internal combustion vehicles, green number plates can be fitted. However, according to new research from the AA, one-third of drivers still have no idea what green number plates imply six months after they were introduced.

Six out of ten drivers were aware of the plates’ existence and function, with younger drivers being more knowledgeable about the new plates.

With just over half of drivers in Wales and Northern Ireland knowing about the new plates, they were the least likely to offer the correct answer.

Londoners were the most likely to be aware of the new designs, with 66 percent recognizing the green plates.

A total of 274 persons expressed their displeasure with the number plates, which permitted automobiles to park in green zones.

Surprisingly, 36 people claimed the design indicated the driver was a Green Party member.

The green slash, according to 35 people, suggested the driver voted Brexit in the 2016 EU Referendum.

It’s “unsurprising,” according to AA President Edmund King, that so few people are aware of the significance of green number plates.

Since having one fitted on his own car in December, he added, people have “stared” at his green number plate and asked him about it.

“The fact that one-third of people don’t know what a green number plate means doesn’t surprise me because a lot of people gaze at my number plate or ask me about it,” he said.

“However, I believe these plates will become more common in the future, as electric vehicles are expected to account for a quarter of new auto sales by 2025.

“These plates signal that there is now a rising number of electric vehicles on the road, and they carry the message that this is the new normal.

“Incentives to lower the purchase price of electric vehicles and home chargers must remain in place to stimulate a faster uptake.

“Radical measures, such as lowering the VAT on select electric vehicles, would also help to accelerate adoption.

“With more qualified patrols, the AA is well prepared as the number one breakdown supplier for EV drivers.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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