New EU legislation will make driving in the UK ‘expensive,’ affecting motorists.


New EU legislation will make driving in the UK ‘expensive,’ affecting motorists.

According to motoring lawyer Nick Freeman, new EU driving legislation set to take effect in the UK next year will make driving “far more expensive.”

He has warned that the new driving law will “cost everyone more money,” with motorists bearing the brunt of the burden. Mr. Freeman warned that the additional expenses of speed limiters were unlikely to be subsidized, implying that the costs would be passed on to ordinary drivers.

All new cars will be required to have speed limiters under a new European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) guideline.

Drivers will be prevented from exceeding speed restrictions using sign recognition cameras and GPS data.

Only new cars will be affected starting in July 2022, while models sold before that date will require tools to be installed by May 2024.

Mr Freeman warned motorists in the UK will soon experience the “cost implications” of the regulation change in an interview with This website.

“My first assessment is that it will significantly increase the cost of motoring,” he remarked.

“We are equipping autos with more equipment.

“There is a cost impact for new cars, and there will be a cost implication for current cars starting in May 2024.

“Everyone will have to pay more money.

“Of course, that cost will be passed on to the motorist.

“No one is going to pay for it,” says the author.

Mr. Freeman also cautioned that the reforms could set the economy back at a critical juncture as firms strive to recover from the outbreak.

He claimed that the roads were already “much too congested” and that motorists were driving “far too slowly.”

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He continued, “It will cost the economy billions of pounds since journey times will be extended.”

“Journeys will become significantly slower, at a cost to the economy.”

Despite the fact that the UK has left the EU, the new rule is expected to be implemented here at some point.

As both sides adjust to the changes, many EU regulations have already been passed to the UK.

Manufacturers, on the other hand, wish to have a common set of norms to follow in order to facilitate trade on both sides of the Channel., on the other hand, has previously cautioned that new technology could lower the cost of car insurance.

They believe there will be fewer claims. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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