New driving restrictions included in a significant reform of the Highway Code could be a “lifesaver” for drivers.


New driving restrictions included in a significant reform of the Highway Code could be a “lifesaver” for drivers.

Cross safety experts have supported amendments to the highway code that would result in new driving restrictions for motorway use.

“More precise and particular advice,” according to GEM CEO Neil Worth, has the ability to “reduce risks” on the road. The new safety measures, he said, had the potential to be a “lifesaver” on the roadways.

He went on to say that the new rules will make it less likely for drivers to receive penalty tickets and hefty fines.

“As a result, we applaud the announcement that the Highway Code will be updated to incorporate more extensive and specific advice,” Mr Worth said.

“We know this has the potential to help every road user on a motorway travel reduce the hazards they encounter – and the risks they may cause to others.

“We strongly advise drivers and motorcyclists to familiarize themselves with the smart highway laws and signs.

“Knowing how a smart highway works can help you avoid getting a traffic penalty you don’t want.

“Knowing what to do if you are unfortunate enough to break down on a stretch of smart road could save your life.”

The latest revisions to the Highway Code will contain instructions on how to use the contentious smart highway networks.

Details on emergency refuge places will be included, as well as the laws governing red X signs, which often signify blocked lanes and risks.

There will also be information on how drivers can stay safe in the event of a breakdown and how to deal with traffic congestion.

In some regions where driving rules contribute to accidents, they were also changed.

These include driving when tired, driving an unsafe vehicle, and tailgating other motorists.

The risks are especially severe when drivers are preoccupied behind the wheel, according to GEM.

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Using a cell phone, resetting their sat nav device, or eating and drinking while driving can all contribute to this.

Drivers changing lanes without guidance or observation were also observed, posing a significant risk.

Drivers who make last-minute judgments and cut across traffic, according to GEM, are putting their lives in danger.


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