New caravan restrictions could be enacted soon to prevent thieves from possessing caravans illegally.


New caravan restrictions could be enacted soon to prevent thieves from possessing caravans illegally.

If new ideas from activists are accepted, caravan laws could be revised soon to combat the risk of trailer theft.

Caravan details should be included in vehicle registration records, according to a Parliamentary Petition. Campaigners claim that this will make it simpler to “detect illicit caravan possession.”

Caravans towed by cars with which they are not registered could be inspected right soon.

Martin Brewster began the Parliament petition, which is anticipated to last until December.

Mr Brewster claimed that the additional measures would make stealing a motorhome “more difficult.”

“This petition seeks to modify the law to make it a legal need to include caravans in the registration document of the towing vehicle, making it simpler to identify illegal possession using existing registration systems,” he stated.

“This would make it easier for law enforcement to identify caravans that may be illegally possessed when they are being towed by a car that is not registered to them.

“Number plates can be copied, but stealing a caravan and ensuring you have the exact make, model, and year of the vehicle hauling it would require more effort.

“Legitimate traders would be able to register… to protect themselves from tow vehicles.”

Only 180 individuals have signed the new petition, which requires 10,000 signatures to elicit a response from the government.

If 100,000 signatures are collected, the petition could be debated in Parliament.

Experts at Trackershop recently warned that caravans were becoming “attractive to crooks.”

They claimed that because some models were worth up to £80,000, caravans had become a “attractive booty” for thieves.

“Even inexpensive models around the £10-20,000 price band are tempting to criminals because of the tremendous demand for automobiles and the relative ease with which they may be stolen,” said Shaun Carse, Trackershop manager.

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“Apart from the monetary value, many owners would retain priceless items onboard or may have spent months or even years customizing them, implying that the emotional value of a stolen vehicle cannot be quantified.”

According to the group’s research, only 13% of RV owners had tracking devices placed in their vehicles.

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