New car tax revisions will be a financial hardship for low-income families.


New car tax revisions will be a financial hardship for low-income families.

CHANGES IN BIRMINGHAM CAR TAXES might hit low-income drivers “hard financially,” according to a local resident.

They warned that the fines would disproportionately affect the city’s “poor and deprived” residents. Many families, according to the local resident, “can’t afford” to replace their cars or upgrade to a more compliant vehicle.

Local resident Majid Khan told BirminghamLive that since the tolls were implemented, traffic has grown “horrendous” in places immediately outside the pricing zone.

“As always, the impoverished and socioeconomically deprived segments of society are the ones that suffer the most,” he remarked.

“People are going to be hard hurt financially,” Mr Khan continued.

“They can’t afford to upgrade to a more compliant vehicle.

“As a result, if they do not use public transportation, they will be charged £8 per day – or £50 if they have a van or truck – to enter the city.”

According to BirminghamLive, the City Council already agreed that the reforms will have a “serious impact” on low-income Burningham residents.

According to them, a 2018 research warned that if support isn’t provided, low-income households will “no longer be able to operate a personal automobile.”

According to the paper, loss of mobility is associated with “social disadvantage” and has a “negative influence on quality of life.”

Previously, the City Council provided low-income people with a variety of benefits, but many of these have been eliminated.

This included providing free public transportation and assisting low-income individuals in purchasing a new vehicle.

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Instead, there are no financial incentives for drivers to upgrade to a new model, such as cash.

If you live in the zone, though, you can seek a two-year exemption from the charge.

Residents who live outside the zone are eligible for a one-year exemption from paying Clean Air Zone costs.

Birmingham City Council has previously said that a programme of exclusions and incentives is in place to assist those who are experiencing financial hardship.

“The Clean Air Zone will assist in improving Birmingham’s air quality, and the Council recognizes that some groups may require additional assistance in making the transition to a clean air city,” they said.

“A thorough examination.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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