Netflix has released a new update that makes it even easier to watch your favorite movies and boxsets.


Netflix has released a new update that makes it even easier to watch your favorite movies and boxsets.

The most recent upgrade from NETFLIX will make it even easier to watch your favorite movies and boxsets on your phone or tablet.

Netflix has long allowed users to download movies and boxsets on their iOS or Android devices. This option, which is accessible through the official Netflix app, is ideal if you need to leave the house but don’t want to use up your 4G data quota. If you don’t want to waste your mobile data at home, you may simply download a lot of content to view on your device while the Wi-Fi is turned on.

Until recently, though, if your Wi-Fi connection went down for any reason, you couldn’t watch a single second of the Netflix show or film you were trying to download, even if it was 99.99 percent complete.

You’d have to either re-download or stream the movie or episode from the boxset.

Thankfully, this has all changed thanks to a new Netflix Android update.

Netflix said this week that its latest Android app upgrade will provide the ability to watch partially downloaded shows.

This functionality is now available for Android tablets and smartphones, with an iOS version coming in the coming months.

“Whether it’s a long flight or a prolonged commute, downloadable series and movies can make any moment on the go more entertaining,” Netflix wrote in a blog post announcing the new feature. So we understand the disappointment of discovering your download was never completed due to faulty wifi or a data plan that has reached its limit.

“That’s why we’ve upgraded the Netflix download experience so you can now watch The Mitchells vs The Machines or the next episode of Luis Miguel – The Series even if it hasn’t finished downloading yet. You can select to finish the download and keep watching once you’ve restored a strong enough connection, eliminating those annoying warnings that you’ve exceeded your data limits.”

The announcement comes after a popular Netflix feature recently made its way to another streaming provider.

The BBC iPlayer released a new Watch with Friends feature for The Glastonbury Experience 2021 on Friday.

The function, which was just released, allowed iPlayer users to watch a variety of Glastonbury shows with a group of pals.

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