Nearly half of instructors have raised their lesson prices, putting learner drivers at a disadvantage.


Nearly half of instructors have raised their lesson prices, putting learner drivers at a disadvantage.

According to recent data, learner drivers will have to pay more for driving lessons.

According to a new survey, nearly half of driving instructors have increased their session prices as a result of the pandemic. Instructors have no choice but to increase the cost of classes as the backlog of students grows and industry pressures mount.

Since the beginning of 2020, it is anticipated that roughly 40% of teachers have raised their class prices.

Around 30% have decreased the number of lessons a learner can book each week, favoring more experienced students.

According to data from Marmalade Insurance, an average lesson costs roughly £31.15.

This represents a nine percent increase over the previous year’s average price of £28.47.

More than a fifth of teachers said they were charging more than the national average in 2021.

Many of these lessons are now priced between £35 and £40.

In comparison to 2020, when only 6% of instructors charged that much, this is a 15% rise.

Instructors have had a 227 percent increase in inquiries since 2020, with an average of 8.24 additional inquiries per week.

Marmalade’s CEO, Crispin Moger, commented on the interruptions that students have had to deal with.

“With the pandemic’s aftershock upsetting the sector at every level, learner drivers are still suffering the effects of the past 18 months.

“We’ve written extensively on the instructor shortages in the UK, and the situation doesn’t appear to be improving, which has a knock-on effect for trainee drivers who can’t get expert instruction.

“Driving instructors have told us that they are troubled by third-party apps that buy up all of the test slots, leaving them unable to arrange a test for their students and causing capacity constraints.

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“This is a vicious loop that is further exacerbating the problem for all parties involved, preventing learners from gaining access to the road to freedom and negatively hurting instructors’ companies and lives.”

For this poll, more than 4,000 driving instructors were contacted, and it was discovered that 30% of them now turn away between five and ten students. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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