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Naughty Dog Uses Twitter’s New Feature to Avoid Any More The Last of Us Part II Leaks

Game developers Naughty Dog are facing a massive year with the imminent arrival of The Last of Us Part II, the most-awaited sequel of the highly-acclaimed survival game The Last of Us. Besides the game’s release, the developers had to face one of the biggest leaks in recent game history.

TechTimes previously reported a massive The Last of Us Part II leak wherein major cutscenes from the upcoming game was uploaded online, showing significant parts of the game’s story.

Now, the developers are trying to avoid any more leaks or spoilers before the game rolls out this June.

According to IGN, Naughty Dog is using a brand new Twitter feature that just began testing yesterday, allowing accounts to choose who is only allowed to respond to specific tweets they share.

The options for the convo tool include Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you mention. The latter option makes it possible to stop all responses if the account holder does not mention anyone.

Although this won’t entirely avoid leaks and spoilers, they can at least lessen it for their fans and will make it nearly impossible for leakers to add leaks and spoilers on Naughty Dog’s posts about The Last of Us Part II.

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As of writing, the Twitter convo tool is still in testing and was only released to a few users globally, so there is still a chance that it won’t become a permanent feature, which means the company can’t rely on this feature forever.

In addition, Twitter might tweak some of the tool’s features, which may or may not work to Naughty Dog’s benefit in the near future.

It’s also important to note that the feature will not affect liking, retweeting, or quote retweeting their posts.

Nevertheless, it might help until the release of the game and for the first few weeks since it’s launch as those who haven’t acquired it yet could still avoid spoilers.

But if there’s any downside to this, the community won’t be able to interact as they used to.

For those who want to save themselves from possible leaks and spoilers from other related The Last of Us Part II posts, avoiding the comments section would still be your best bet, especially as Naughty Dog won’t be able to limit the comments on other accounts and platforms.

According to GameSpot, the new Twitter tool was actually designed to help curb cyberbullying, which often happens on the platform. By only choosing who can reply to your tweets, you can lessen interaction with trolls and negative people.

But there’s still no word as to when the feature will be released to the rest of the public or when the testing would end.

The Last of Us Part II will be launching on June 19 for PlayStation 4.

As a way to celebrate the game’s imminent release, Sony PlayStation will be releasing limited edition PS4 Pro bundles that include a special console, engraved with Ellie’s fern tattoo, a wireless controller, a physical copy of the game, and redeemable code for more content.

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