Myths about phone batteries debunked: overnight charging, when to charge, and more.


Myths about phone batteries debunked: overnight charging, when to charge, and more.

We believe we know everything there is to know about our smartphones since they have become such an integral part of our lives. We understand how to use them, all of their features, and how to care for them so they don’t break.

However, every now and then, we hear or read something online or from friends and family that makes us wonder if what we think we know is correct. Take, for example, your phone’s battery. Is it actually safe to charge your phone over night? Is it necessary to empty your phone’s battery before charging it? People can come up with an excessive number of responses to these queries, which is why there are so many battery myths. Many people have attempted to dispel these falsehoods. If you’re wondering why certain phone battery myths have been debunked, consider the following: Overnight Charging of Phone Batteries is a Myth Is it safe to keep your phone charging overnight? This is one of the most often asked questions about phone batteries. If you ask your relatives and friends this question, some will say it’s fine, while others will say it’s not. So, what is the correct response? “Leaving your battery plugged in all night surely isn’t unsafe,” according to Android Authority, “but it can make your battery age slightly faster.” “In the past, if you left a lithium-ion battery charging for too long, it would overheat. The battery was damaged and performance was reduced as a result of this,” the paper explains.

Modern batteries, on the other hand, are “much smarter,” according to Android Authority. As the battery in a smartphone fills up, the amount of current is reduced. Even so, there is some truth to the myth because both heat and a high charge voltage can cause your battery to age more quickly.

Myth: If you want to charge your phone, you must first drain the battery.

One of the most popular phone battery fallacies is that you should charge your phone until the battery is completely dead before plugging it in. Is this a wise decision? It isn’t, according to a PCMag report.

For modern phone batteries, a full discharge, or letting your battery drain to zero, is not a smart idea. “Don’t even let it go that close to 0% because it will wear out,” PCMag says. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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