Motorists may face fines as a result of European driving rule ambiguity; here’s how to prevent it.


Motorists may face fines as a result of European driving rule ambiguity; here’s how to prevent it.

With restrictions loosening and borders opening, British drivers may still be able to take a trip overseas this year.

However, since the United Kingdom exited the European Union, driving in Europe is no longer as straightforward as it previously was. Many people will be relieved to learn that most driver’s licenses will remain valid and that they will be allowed to drive throughout the EU with their current license.

There are some exceptions, such as drivers who only have a paper license rather of a photocard license, who will need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Before driving in some EU nations, drivers with licenses issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, or the Isle of Man may need an IDP.

If drivers fall into one of these categories or are unclear, the government advises them to check with the embassy of the nation they are travelling to see if an IDP is required.

There are three different types of IDPs: 1926, 1949, and 1968, which all differ based on where drivers intend to travel.

Motorists can acquire IDPs for £5.50 at Post Offices, regardless of which type they require.

Drivers should also be aware of insurance changes, as the European Commission said last month that a green card is no longer required as proof of insurance when entering the EU.

Instead, drivers can now use their formal insurance certificates to establish their coverage.

However, not all policies provide the same amount of coverage when driving overseas, so drivers should check with their car insurance before traveling to find out what coverage they have in the EU.

Uswitch’s Insurance Expert, Joel Kempson, commented on the significant changes.

“Driving in the EU has been an easy chore for decades, but Brexit means that we must now exercise extra caution when driving into the EU from the United Kingdom,” he stated.

“Anyone driving into the EU should do their research and make sure they have all of the necessary papers well in advance.

“Failure to do so could result in you being turned away at the port, or, in some situations, a fine or even a court appearance.”

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