MOT stations are “unprepared” for electric vehicles, and drivers may have to wait “weeks” for inspections.


MOT stations are “unprepared” for electric vehicles, and drivers may have to wait “weeks” for inspections.

MOT test garages are believed to be “completely unprepared” for an increase in electric vehicle sales, with certain centers “unable to cope” if demand spikes.

Parkers MOT garages, according to Jonathan Barbera, do not have enough certified people or the necessary technology to work on electric vehicles.

He cautioned that “hundreds” of garages lacked access to a single electric vehicle mechanic, making it impossible for EV owners to visit them for repairs.

Many EV owners, according to Mr Barbera, will need to have their vehicles inspected at major dealerships.

He cautioned that this would cause critical repair work to be delayed by “weeks and weeks,” as the work could not be distributed over multiple garages.

Although he believes electric cars are “amazing” in terms of the environment, he is concerned about how the new technology will affect drivers and the industry.

“Infrastructure-wise, it doesn’t function across the UK,” he told This website exclusively.

“We don’t have the proper qualified employees or backing in the automotive industry to move forward.

“Working on these vehicles requires a lot of equipment and training.

“We are completely unprepared, completely unprepared.”

“If there was a tremendous drive and then a massive flood of eclectic cars, the automotive trade would be unable to cope,” he continued.

Regardless of how you look at it, I know hundreds of garages that do not have a single qualified electric vehicle technician.

“Let alone the technicians to work on it, we don’t have the charging station.

“It will be entirely up to the primary dealers, the individuals who sell the automobiles, to keep them running.

[Booking a check] can take weeks and weeks and weeks.

Mr Barbera claims that a new government financing package will allow garages to devote additional funds to technician training.

He’s created a petition demanding that the government issue an action plan and provide financial assistance to the automobile industry for the years 2022 and beyond.

His petition has nearly 1,500 signatures, with a total of 10,000 required for an official response.

Mr Barbera told This website, “The government needs to stop and consider before pushing EVs too far.”

“They need to promote the automotive industry by providing subsidies and training discounts to enterprises.

“They have to execute it in a way that makes sense.” Brinkwire Summary News


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