MOT extensions of six months made cars “unsafer,” with cars “failing terribly” during inspections.


MOT extensions of six months made cars “unsafer,” with cars “failing terribly” during inspections.

MOT TEST DELAYS have made automobiles “unsafe,” with vehicles “failing terribly” on a number of crucial components.

Because cars were not sent for repairs, the six-month MOT extension introduced at the start of the epidemic in March 2020 put back critical repair work. Parkers MOT’s Managing Director, Jonathan Barbera, claimed garages were “surprised” at how “terrible” some cars had gone wrong during the extension.

He claimed that most drivers combine their MOT and car service, which he claimed was the source of many of the issues.

“You have to believe most of these automobiles are not looked at or touched until their MOT’s,” he told this website.

“The vast majority of consumers are astute, as I would hope.

“They want their MOT and service done at the same place since it saves them money and time.

“If you can prevent it, you don’t want to take your automobile to a garage or anywhere twice; it’s inconvenient.

“But there’s also the fact that their car hasn’t been inspected in another six months.

“So, when we had automobiles last year, we had a lot of problems with tyres, brakes, and other things like that.

“I was taken aback by how horrible the extra six months were.

“It’s a lousy bargain for the consumer because it results in cars that are significantly more dangerous.”

According to data from BookMygarage, the extension caused more than 4.2 million MOT tests to be postponed.

Last year, a third of drivers put off getting their car serviced, citing financial constraints or low mileage as reasons.

Experts have emphasized, however, that even automobiles used for short trips must maintain basic maintenance.

They’ve urged drivers who’ve “put off” getting their vehicles repaired or maintained to schedule appointments as soon as the limitations are lifted.

“Many motorists have put off getting their vehicles maintained and even repaired,” Karen Rotberg, BookMyGarage Co-Founder, remarked in March.

“In recent months, this hasn’t been much of a problem because millions of people have only used their automobiles for short, essential excursions.

“However, now that the lockdown limitations are lessening, it’s a good time to catch up on any maintenance that has been neglected.”

Mr Barbery warned This website that the MOT shambles could run up to three years longer.

He stated that the six-month extension had been granted. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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