More Chinese companies have been added to the US’s trade blacklist.


More Chinese companies have been added to the US trade blacklist.

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More Chinese firms have been added to the US government’s trade blacklist.

According to the government, these companies have the potential to jeopardize the country’s national security.

Twelve Chinese companies are among the 27 companies added to the blacklist.

Japan, Singapore, and Pakistan are among the other countries represented on the list.

The United States has added more Chinese companies to its blacklist.

According to a CNN report, the US government has added 12 more Chinese companies to its trade blacklist. The companies are seen as having the potential to jeopardize the country’s national security, and the Commerce Department has added them to the blacklist.

Aside from the 12 Chinese companies, the trade blacklist now includes firms from Japan, Pakistan, and Singapore.

There are now a total of 27 companies on the list.

The one-dozen Chinese companies on the blacklist are “part of an effort to prevent emerging US technologies from being used for quantum computing efforts that would benefit China’s military,” according to the report.

The Commerce Department also expressed concern about “China’s ability to break encryption or develop unbreakable encryption.” Several Chinese companies were added to the list in order to aid Pakistan’s nuclear program.

The latest additions to the US trade blacklist come after seven Chinese companies with military ties were added to a list in April that barred any business dealings with them.

A number of Chinese companies, including Xiaomi, were also placed on the Defense Department’s blacklist earlier this year.

The US has placed top Chinese artificial intelligence firms on a trade blacklist, according to Brinkwire News.

China Reacts to Companies Being Added to the Blacklist

The addition of 12 Chinese companies to the US trade blacklist has prompted a response from Beijing.

The US has, according to Zhao Lijian of China’s Foreign Ministry.

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