Millions of people have been barred from watching online video as yet another major site closes.


Millions of people have been barred from watching online video as yet another major site closes.

YET ANOTHER famous streaming site has been decommissioned, leaving millions of people able to access stuff for free on the internet.

This year, the fight against free streaming has intensified. In recent months, a number of high-profile piracy sites that allowed users to watch TV and movies without paying have been shut down. was one of the most well-known victims, as it provided free access to Hollywood blockbusters without the authorization of the rights holders.

And now there’s been yet another casualty, with millions of people unable to access the company’s servers. Torrentfreak was the first to announce that streaming site 4anime had abruptly shut down. This piracy website, which allowed viewers to stream popular Asian cartoons, has been permanently taken down.

The service’s creators confirmed the news, saying, “Sorry for ending things this way.” We are forced to close the site due to unforeseen circumstances. Don’t worry, all of your bookmarks will be accessible via login in the next week or two. All movies and content, however, have been removed, and we advise you to support the industry by watching on legal alternatives or something.”

It’s unknown who is behind the shutdown, but some of Hollywood’s greatest stars have been on a quest to put an end to the illicit streaming boom. For example, after attracting the notice of The Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment,, which had millions of users, was shut down (ACE).

Amazon, Fox, Netflix, MGM, HBO, Sky, Paramount, and Disney are among the many film studios and media organizations who have funded ACE.

This website was blocked in May. “Theft of online content is the single greatest threat to the worldwide audiovisual community, damaging both domestic and international films and businesses, jeopardizing jobs, undermining investment, lowering tax contributions to governments, and suffocating creativity,” ACE warned at the time. ACE will continue to work around the world to preserve its members’ rights.”

Along with 4anime and, UK streaming lovers have been barred from a number of other websites that offered free movies and entertainment, with some of the country’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) being forced to enforce the ban.

Customers of ISPs such as Virgin Media and Sky are now unable to access websites such as and “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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