Millions of LinkedIn users have reported that their email, phone number, and home address have been leaked.


Millions of LinkedIn users have reported that their email, phone number, and home address have been leaked.

LINKEDIN has been attacked by a large data breach that has affected 700 million members, accounting for more than 92 percent of the site’s overall user base.

LinkedIn has been rocked by its second data breach in 2021. In April, cybersecurity experts reported that hackers had collected data from 500 million LinkedIn accounts and sold it. After only a few months, LinkedIn has been hit by another another data breach, this time affecting 700 million users.

The great majority of LinkedIn users (over 92 percent) are purportedly affected by the data breach, with sensitive information such as e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and addresses at risk.

Despite the absence of supporting passwords, the sensitive information could be utilized for identity theft and phishing attacks.

Hackers appear to have utilized the official LinkedIn API to download sensitive user data, according to RestorePrivacy, which discovered the LinkedIn data leak.

This is the same strategy that was purportedly used by malicious actors to get LinkedIn data in April.

“Many users trust LinkedIn with all kinds of private data, hoping and trusting that the information remains in safe hands,” RestorePrivacy said in a statement regarding their results. Is this faith, however, justified? So far in 2021, two different events have occurred in which criminal actors have used the professional networking site to collect massive amounts of user data.

“The ramifications are wide-reaching, ranging from identity theft to phishing and social engineering attempts, among other things.”

According to an analysis of the data collected by the hackers, it looks to be authentic and linked to real users, with information that is also up to date.

The LinkedIn user data appears to be from 2020 to 2021.

Hackers are now attempting to sell the massive database of LinkedIn user information on a popular message board.

For $5,000, you may get the entire set of data on 700 million LinkedIn users.

The following are the many categories of LinkedIn user data that hackers are said to have obtained: Email addresses, complete names, phone numbers, physical locations, geolocation records, LinkedIn usernames and profile URLs, personal and professional experience/background, genders, and other social media accounts and usernames are among the information collected.

LinkedIn has issued a statement denying that the site has been hacked, claiming that data was scraped and taken from other sites.

LinkedIn also stated that the hackers obtained “some material” from the data dump. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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