Microsoft is working on its own ARM-based CPUs for Surface devices


Microsoft is reportedly working on its own custom ARM chips for the Surface family of devices. According to the rumors, there will also be a corresponding Microsoft chip for servers. The developments are running at full speed.

According to a new report from the news magazine Bloomberg, Microsoft is working on its own custom ARM chips to be used in servers and Surface products. So far, these are just rumors. According to Bloomberg, the source that leaked the information to them does not want to be named. Accordingly, little can be said about the truth content at the moment, but Bloomberg is not known for picking up every rumor and publishing it without a background.

The idea of independence from Intel
The idea behind switching to its own processor platform is simple. Apple recently led the way. With their Apple Silicon CPUs, they have started the move away from Intel over the next two years. The plan is to rely less on Intel. That goes for both corporations – Apple and Microsoft. However, according to the report, Microsoft will continue to use ARM’s CPU designs, which is not how Apple does it.

Apple designed its new M1 processors completely on its own. Instead of licensing the actual designs, Apple only licenses the instruction set and creates its own designs.

Microsoft is rumored to be going a different route and handling it the same way companies like Qualcomm and Samsung do. The chip design is licensed and modified for the own devices. To what extent a dedicated ARM chip for the Surface makes much sense is debatable. However, producing an ARM chip for servers would be a real coup according to Bloomberg. Microsoft has already announced that there are plans to optimize Windows Server for ARM. The in-house development would be just right. However, good ARM versions of the Surface have been available since 2017.


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