Microsoft has recently halted the ‘BIGGEST cyberattack ever’ from ‘70,000 computers across Asia, including China,’ according to the company.


Microsoft has recently halted the ‘BIGGEST cyberattack ever’ from ‘70,000 computers across Asia, including China,’ according to the company.

MICROSOFT has successfully repelled the largest “DDoS” attack in history.

The massive hack affected tens of thousands of machines, the most of which were located in Asia.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more widespread and sophisticated.

A DDoS – or Distributed Denial of Service – assault is one of the most popular types of cyberattack.

When an attacker floods a victim’s system with “internet traffic,” overwhelming it and forcing it offline, this is known as “internet traffic flooding.”

Websites, computer systems, and even individual internet users can all be targeted with this method.

According to Microsoft, this attack was directed at one of its European customers.

And it was 140 percent more powerful than the previous-highest attack in 2020, according to the report.

Every second, the attack flooded the system with 2.4 terabytes of data.

When compared to the 1Tbps attack in late summer of last year, this is a significant improvement.

A terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes of data, which is the equivalent of hundreds of 4K movies.

It’s difficult to flood a system with that much data every second.

The attack lasted about ten minutes, according to Microsoft.

“This size of attack demonstrates the ability to wreak havoc,” Microsoft’s Amir Dahan stated.

“By saturating targets with massive traffic volumes in an attempt to suffocate network capacity.”

The attack originated from machines in China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and possibly the United States, according to Microsoft.

The corporation claims that its systems were able to thwart the customer’s attack.

“In this scenario, attack traffic from the Asia-Pacific region and the United States failed to reach the consumer region,” Amir explained.

“However, the effect was lessened at the source nations.”

However, the fact that DDoS cyberattacks are getting more potent is concerning.

According to Microsoft, the number of attacks has increased by 25% since the fourth quarter of 2020.

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