Microsoft advises users of Windows 10 and 7 to install this emergency update right now.


Microsoft advises users of Windows 10 and 7 to install this emergency update right now.

If you have Windows 10 or Windows 7 on your computer, you should download and install Microsoft’s latest emergency update, which addresses the PrintNightmare problem.

Microsoft’s latest security patch for Windows 10 and Windows 7 should be installed immediately. In reaction to the recently found PrintNightmare danger, which is being actively exploited by hackers, the Redmond-based corporation sent a warning to millions of customers.

This “zero-day” threat was discovered earlier this month and allows bad actors to run programs with system-level access from a remote location. That’s about the worst thing that can happen.

This assault entails a cyber criminal being able to install software on PCs, including horrifying apps that record everything typed on the keyboard. If users are harmed, personal information such as banking information and passwords may come up in the wrong hands.

“A remote code execution vulnerability occurs when the Windows Print Spooler service incorrectly executes privileged file operations,” according to Microsoft. An attacker who successfully exploited this flaw may use SYSTEM privileges to run arbitrary code. After that, an attacker might install applications, view, alter, or remove data, or create new accounts with full user rights.”

Fortunately, Microsoft has discovered a solution to the PrintNightmare flaw, but Windows users must ensure that the newest patches are loaded as soon as possible.

“Microsoft has finished the investigation and has published security patches to address this vulnerability,” the Redmond business said in a blog post. The applicable update for your system can be found in the Security Updates table. We strongly advise you to apply these upgrades right away.”

The first danger was found by Sangfor cybersecurity experts, who discovered a problem with the Windows Print Spooler service.

Most issues take Microsoft a long time to resolve, but this update was pushed out quickly because people were already being targeted by it. With this newest patch, KB5004945, you can get complete details about the modifications here.


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