Madden NFL 21 makes some changes to the franchise mode


EA Sports vowed that it was committed to improving the famous franchise mode as the season progressed, as Madden NFL 21 came under pressure last year. The developer is now rolling out a big update to the game as we enter the NFL playoffs, which will allow some minor but welcome improvements to the campaign.

A complete redesign of the draft CPU logic is the key feature.

To sum up a very complex issue, teams such as the Cincinnati Bengals used to blow first-round picks on quarterbacks, although that makes little sense because Joe Burrow was drafted less than a year ago in real life. The patch is going to correct certain types of confusing decisions.

The update also offers multiple options for franchise officials, allowing you to undo signings from Free Agency, bypass settings for team power, and even add cooldowns to playcalls.

These enhancements are mainly targeted at online franchise players, of course, but it also promises more improvements to trade logic, and a new tile has been added that includes historical details about your league.

Small measures, then, but nonetheless undeniable changes. Fans would, of course, have to wait even longer for major changes, such as the opportunity to recruit and fire coordinators, but at least it’s nice to see EA Sports making the right noises and contributing to game improvements. Plus, did you know you were adding SpongeBob SquarePants today?


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