Loot four fresh pictures of Uncharted movies


It’s not the highlight of the new year, but on July 16, the Uncharted film hits theaters, and the social media team is just beginning to get into gear. Four new pictures from the film have been released, showing some of the props you might expect to see on the big screen.

The usual suspects are among them: diamond-studded keys, maps, and antique objects engulfed in cobwebs.

For the New Year.

There’s a new adventure waiting. #UnchartedMovie pic.twitter.com/iHiKm6OWpy- Uncharted January 1, 2021(@unchartedmovie)

Filming on the flick wrapped last year — Tom Holland is already back working on a new Spider-Man movie with Sony — but we should soon see the first trailer. Overall, it could be a big year for Nathan Drake and Naughty Dog’s buccaneer series, as a new San Diego studio is officially working on a new installment in the classic PlayStation series.


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