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Loot Chest Timers Officially Gone in Elder Scrolls: Blades in Update 1.5

Bethesda has ultimately taken out one of its worst features of Elder Scrolls: Blades: loot chest timers. The new features, which include the opening of the Arena for PvP, an occasional winter event, and adding Guilds to join with friends, now make a perfect time to give the mobile game a try, especially for those who have been on the fence. Moreover, since the release of the game, players and fans have called for the chest timers’ removal. The manner these timers were working was that, a player would receive chests that have quality loot. However, each chest would need the player to wait for a specific timeframe before they could open it.

Indeed, players could just have this bypassed this waiting time by simply paying to skip or avoid the timer. The worst part, though, was that they could just take a certain amount of chests at a time. This meant that if a new chest that had better loot came along, and a player was full, he needed to skip out on having that content. Once again, microtransactions came into play by offering the players the opportunity to either purchase more storages for chest or pay to avoid the timer and have the space cleared up.

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Chest Timers Finally Gone

Indeed, Bethesda has finally taken out this strongly criticized part of the Elders Trolls: Blades game. Through the release Update 1.5, the chess timers are completely removed and now has allowed players to “immediately open and reap the rewards.” More so, the players can reclaim all the gems, as well, which they spent on the increase of their storage in the game. And, while it does not appear like one can reclaim the gems spent to skip the chest timer, it is still a reasonable move to make up for the disappointing microtransactions.

Generally, Loot has also been enhanced in this update, providing better rewards from boss fights and enemies. Additionally, the game’s developer has opened up too, an Arena for the game’s mode, pitting gamers against one another “in 1v1 bouts,” best of 3 rounds. And, while they’re in the Arena, players will have improved blocking and tripled health. This means that the battles can be significant fights to the death. Now, Guilds are joining the game, as well, giving way to up to 20 gamers to share gear and materials, not to mention, even visit each other’s towns for shopping.

Lastly, in relation to the latest developments with the game, there begins the ‘New Life Festival’ that allows the gamers to enjoy a snowy appearance in their own, special products for purchase, and new properly themed town sounds and music. These, together with the typical bug fixes and balancing, are all detailed in the official patch notes of the said update. All of the things mentioned are good steps for the mobile video game as it reaches its 2nd year. The gaming world now hopes that the continued support will undoubtedly help Blades to get rid of the Elder Scrolls: Legends, a trading card game for which the developer recently announced it would soon end future updates of its content. 

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