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LOOK: Here’s $499 Xbox Series X Hole-y Moley Design; Is it a Good Buy?

The next-generation Microsoft Xbox is coming on Nov. 10! You’d probably heard about Xbox Series X worth $499. Pre-orders of this device will soon begin starting on Sept. 22.

A $499 gaming console is coming soon for all Xbox fans.

So far, CNET has reported about its specs that you should know about. Compared to the smaller and cheaper version of the 2020 Xbox (which is Xbox Series S), Xbox Series X is more advanced and has higher-quality.

Series X CPU has an eight-core custom Zen 2 processor running at 3.8GHz (3.66GHz with simultaneous multithreading), with a GPU that is a custom RDNA 2 processor at 1.825GHz with 52 CUs that will create 12 teraflops.

The model also includes AMD’s current-generation Zen 2 processor architecture plus a graphics processor using AMD’s forthcoming RDNA 2 microarchitecture.

For the hardware parts, you have 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, a 1TB solid-state drive, and an HDMI 2.1 connection– like from the previous models.

So far, so good.

While other people get fascinated with Microsoft’s new console’s system, others may have specifically remembered one thing about the console: it has too many holes.

Based on some of the latest pictures we’ve got from the Canadian store named ‘The Source,’ which is now deleted on the page.

The hardware design of Xbox Series X is surely field with a number of holes in it. Especially with the box design (the first image below), and the bottom shot of the console (second image below).

These images, especially the second one, is the first look of Xbox Series X in a bit closer angle. And as we think about it, these designs may not be very pleasing for those people suffering from serious ‘trypophobia,’ or fear on irregular patterns or clusters of small holes, though it may be a small percentage. 

If you want to look at the Xbox Series X in a more in-depth shot, The Verge’s Tom Warren published an article on Thursday, Sept, 10 of the first hands-on look of the next-gen console. 

As he described, the Series X is measured 151mm (5.9 inches) wide or deep and 301mm (11.8 inches) tall. This is double the width compared to its smaller version Xbox Series S.

Warren also concluded that the console is meant to stand vertically instead horizontally since the console has bigger width.

So if you’re going to put it inside your TV stand horizontally, it will not fit properly. After all, Microsoft always shows the Series X in a standing position, not the sitting one. 

Who’s ready to wait on Sept. 22?

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Written by Jamie Pancho 

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