Live Text in iOS 15: A student uses the feature to steal notes from a classmate using the iPhone’s camera.


Live Text in iOS 15: A student uses the feature to steal notes from a classmate using the iPhone’s camera.

A student from France uses the camera on his iPhone to take his classmate’s notes using iOS 15’s Live Text.

Live Text on iOS 15

The Live Text feature is one of the most recent additions to iOS 15.

Using the camera of a smartphone, users can copy words.

There are two methods to use this functionality. One method is to point the iPhone camera’s lens toward the text that the user wishes to copy. The other option allows you to choose an image from your iPhone or iPad’s Photos app.

It’s worth mentioning that the new iOS 15 functionality is only available on Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone XS and later models.

Apple first stated that the capability allows users to copy text from business cards or digitize hard copies of papers.

Student Steals Notes Using iOS 15 Live Text

However, a student discovered a way to use the iOS 15 Live Text feature to quickly scribble down his own notes.

According to Mashable, the French student even demonstrated how he used the Live Text feature to steal another student’s notes in class.

Yann Bernillie, a TikTok user who is also a French student, was the first to submit a video demonstrating the potential of Live Text.

Meanwhile, after a writer from France with the handle @juanbuis shared the TikTok video on the microblogging platform, the video became the talk of the town.

“Students are starting to steal each other’s note with iOS 15,” the France-based penman continued, adding that he thinks it’s “kind of genius.”

The French student went on to show how he stole his classmate’s notes in the TikTok video. He used the 5,5x zoom on his iPhone camera to copy the text onto another person’s laptop using the Live Text capability.

With iOS 15, students are starting to steal each other’s notes, and it’s a really brilliant picture.

Juan (@juanbuis) is a Twitter user. 14th of October, 2021 Using a smartphone camera to copy notes isn’t really novel, according to UberGizmo. Instead of taking the time to write down remarks that professors or lecturers wrote on the board, students have begun shooting pictures of them.

However, the most recent method, which the French student revealed on TikTok, demonstrates an. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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