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Let The Wedding Begin! Gearbox Software’s Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC Brings Borderlands 3 to a Whole New Level on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

While Borderlands 3 fans are equipping themselves for the next big DLC update, Gearbox Software prepares itself for the release of a rather interesting titled second DLC edition “Guns, Love and Tentacles”– said to arrive to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and later on, Google Stadia! 

According to the Borderlands website, there is something more precious than loot, and that is love! The joyous celebration is now due, and Sir Alistair Hammerlock and Wainwright Jakobs have already announced their upcoming nuptials. This couple’s adventure drives players and their fellow Vault Hunters to quite a surprisingly dangerous engagement party!

The party is apparently hosted on the Xylourgos planet, where a gargantuan frozen monster lies right above an interestingly decrepit village.

From cold and vicious wildlife to creepy occultists who worship local monster’s carcass, who are hellbent on breaking up the betrothed partners, players will have to fight back against evil itself if Wainwright and Hammerlock are to live happily ever after.

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The badass wedding planner in the entire galaxy has got your back! Gaige, who is known as a former Vault Hunter inseparable from her very own robot BFF Deathtrap is the wedding planner bent on helping you get through this wedding nightmare!

The abundance of monsters and cultists to deal with before the couple can say “I do” are quite an interesting adventure for players as they lock, load, and get ready to bust some tentacle monsters on the way to their happily ever after!

Players can expect a great many additions as well aside from this stellar plot of the story itself. Borderlands 3 has been known for making interesting plots and concepts, but the Guns, Love and Tentacles is something players might want to try as well.

Xylourgos’ ice planet for players to brave through the bone-chilling wastes unlike anywhere players have visited in the entire Borderlands game!

Bring back the bonds by reuniting with old friends while you team up with new eerie characters to prove that true love triumphs over the eldritch horror!

The plot gets even thicker with the disturbing and occasionally draft backstories that have cursed the townfolk in a host of peculiar side quests.

Fight against the bloodthirsty enemies as well as the formidable bosses, which include alien beasts, mutated occultists, and also a band of cold-blooded bandits!

Flaunt your style with a few upgraded cosmetic items from the Vault Hunter Heads & Skin all the way to the interactive Room Decorations as well as the new Vehicle Skins.

Make sure to equip your Vault Hunter with the best skull-crushing gear in the galaxy! This includes a collection of additional legendaries as well as some powerful Class Mods.

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