Later this year, new driving legislation aimed at improving smart highway safety will be implemented.


Later this year, new driving legislation aimed at improving smart highway safety will be implemented.

NEW DRIVING RULES WARNING DRIVERS OF THE DANGERS OF SMARTY HIGHWAYS will be implemented later in 2021 as part of amendments to the Highway Code.

The new guidelines will make it apparent where vehicles must stop in an emergency and why they should avoid using the Red X lanes. The new standards will contain detailed instructions on how to use emergency area signage, such as refuge bays.

In a breakdown campaign recently launched by Highways England, it will contain the phrase “Go left.”

The latest modifications imply that, 15 years after the roads were first introduced, explicit instructions on how to utilize them will finally be provided.

By putting information in the Highway Code, student drivers will be compelled to read up on the schemes’ safety before being slammed with them after only a few hours of training.

There will also be updated advise on critical elements that contribute to safety accidents, as well as tips on how to navigate fluctuating speed limits to manage congestion.

The new guidelines will include more guidance on driving when tired, dealing with unroadworthy vehicles, and concerns such as safe towing, tailgating, and driving through construction zones.

In total, the revisions will amend 33 existing rules while also introducing two new laws.

A number of further adjustments to the Highway Code’s supplemental material and annexes will also be made.

The latest changes, according to Jeremy Phillips, Highways England’s Head of Road Safety, would “benefit everyone” who uses the roads.

He went on to say that the new guidelines would give drivers “clearer information” and that the modifications would “make travels even safer.”

“The Highway Code improvements will benefit everyone who travels our busiest roads,” he stated.

“We were able to develop better guidelines on how to use our motorways and main A-roads thanks to feedback from road users, which will make journeys even safer.

More than 3,200 persons and organizations responded to a consultation on the revisions, which resulted in the changes.

Their suggestions directly influenced the revision and improvement of the Highway Code.

Although no date has been set for the implementation of the new restrictions, Highways England has stated that it is expected to happen later this year.

GOV.UK has previously said that the revised online Highway Code will be published by Autumn 2021.


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