Key Features and Benefits of the Android TV Manager Solution


Key Features and Benefits of Android TV Manager Solution

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TELCO operators are turning to Android TV for their set-top box needs as streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video become more popular.

Customers won’t need an additional device if they want access to both types of media on one platform, saving money on monthly subscriptions and reducing clutter that takes up valuable shelf space, thanks to the operating system’s ability to provide content alongside over-the-top (OTT) offerings.

Furthermore, Android TV enables smart televisions to run apps with even more functionality.

TELCOS, operators, and providers can be confident that their devices are always ready and optimized when they use powerful Android TV Manager software to remotely control, perform updates, collect insights, receive alerts, configure, track, and lock devices through a single interface.

TELCO operators around the world are taking notice of Android TV, which is now the operating system of choice for more than 160 of them.

Nearly 88% of all US households had a pay-TV subscription in 2011.

That percentage has dropped to 65.3 percent in ten years.

Android TV’s many features are expected to reverse the current trend of declining pay-TV services, according to AT&T, DirecTV, and DISH.

Set-Top Boxes from the past are no longer sufficient.

Over the last few decades, the way we consume media has changed dramatically.

On-demand programming via apps or online streaming services is what consumers want.

A must-have feature is voice command.

Integration with other smart devices in the home, such as lights and audio devices, is a nice touch.

There are now several devices that allow users to stream content from the internet to their televisions without having to rent or install expensive equipment.

As a result, many people are looking for new ways to watch television.

Delivering content to today’s generation of consumers is only the beginning of the challenge, and in a world where cable and satellite television are rapidly becoming obsolete, legacy set-top boxes are rapidly becoming obsolete as well.

Telcos can choose to take the risk and develop their own software system.

In the majority of cases, this entails forming alliances with device manufacturers.

Of course, developing a proprietary system is not only costly, but it also takes time and resources.

Developing a new platform necessitates a significant amount of time and money up front.

TELCO Brinkwire Summary News opted for a simple RandD venture over a complex RandD venture.


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