Join Video Calls From Non-Apple Devices | How to Start FaceTime Calls


Join Video Calls From Non-Apple Devices | How to Start FaceTime Calls

With the latest release of Apple’s iOS 15, you may now FaceTime with your buddies. Previously, only Apple devices could use the platform, but now Windows and Android users may make online video chats.

Apple ensured that all available users could try the app at this time, regardless of the browser or device they were using. Here’s how to start and join FaceTime calls on non-Apple devices if you want to get started with these improvements.

How Do I Begin a FaceTime Call?

Users who wish to utilize FaceTime will still need an Apple device, such as an iPhone or iPad, according to Wired’s story. To get started, launch the app on any Cupertino-based device you own.

You can now utilize the “Create Link” option to communicate with a contact instead of using your email address or phone number. You can start typing the name of the person you wish to initiate contact with from this option.

Simply copy the link to your clipboard, and it will open in other messaging apps. Because it will still appear on the front screen of FaceTime, you can share it at any moment.

The participants can now join the FaceTime video calls after obtaining the link. The fact that there are no security requirements, such as passwords, is a plus. You have the ability to approve incoming call requests from other individuals after you’re on a call. In addition, unless you choose “Delete Link,” the links will stay intact. You can make a FaceTime call by clicking the appropriate link. When someone wants to join the ongoing call, you’ll be notified. This implies that any visitors who want to interact with you will be notified. How to Participate in FaceTime Calls You can now join in FaceTime calls even if you don’t have an Apple device. You will be routed to your current web browser after pressing the supplied link. Users can only join FaceTime right now if they’re using the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers.

To participate in FaceTime calls, you must have a name that your friends will recognize. Again, having an Apple ID isn’t essential. Remember that in order to make calls, you must allow your browser’s microphone to function.

Then, to join the meeting, tap “Join.” You’ll be connected to a FaceTime call right now. Summary News from Brinkwire.


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