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Jaw-dropping iPhone 12 concept video showcases upcoming mobile’s ‘retro’ design months ahead of release

A STUNNING fan-made video reveals how the next iPhone could shape up when it hits shelves later this year.

The upcoming gadget is shown with a retro boxy design and a triple rear camera system squeezed into the top left corner.

Apple only recently confirmed it’s making a new iPhone, which is expected to launch in October.

Other than a vague release date, the firm hasn’t said anything about the mobile – thought to be called the iPhone 12 – or revealed what it looks like.

Video-makers at YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone took matters into their own hands, building a 3D mockup of the phone based on recent rumours.

Their imagined handset boasts a “super retina XDR OLED display” and Apple’s new A14 microchip.

The mobile also has unusual squared off edges, a return to a boxier design not seen since 2016’s iPhone SE.

Apple has opted for curved bodies and edges for the last few years.

However, the company is strongly rumoured to be heading for a more retro look with the new iPhone.

According to the video, the iPhone 12 will be Apple’s first to come with 5G connectivity.

5G is the next generation of mobile networks that allows you to download an HD movie in seconds. It’s only available in select cities for now.

Of course, the clip is based on rumours and hearsay, so take all of its claims with a pinch of salt for now.

We likely won’t know anything concrete about the iPhone 12 until its launch event, which will likely go ahead in September or October.

Apple recently confirm the iPhone 12 would be delayed by a few weeks. The firm normally sends its new phones out in late September.

Previous reports have suggested the iPhone 12, not yet announced by Apple, will come in four variants.

The mobile will come in various sizes: A 5.4in mini version, a 61in iPhone 12 base model, a 6.1in 12 Pro and a 6.7in 12 Pro Max.

At a reported 5.4in, the “mini” iPhone 12 will be Apple’s tiniest mobile since 2017’s iPhone 8 (4.7in).

It’ll fit easily in the palm with a design that goes against the recent trend of “bigger is always better” followed by the world’s leading phone-makers.

As with Apple’s most recent mobiles, the iPhone 11 series, we can expect the 12’s rear triple camera array to include wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

Apparently, the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will also come with LiDAR scanners.

LiDAR is a type of laser technology that measures distances to accurately map a scene in 3D.

It means you can create much more accurate augmented reality effects – like Pokémon Go or advanced Snapchat filters.

Apple recently added LiDAR to a product for the first time ever with the launch of the new iPad Pro.

In other news, the iPhone 12 might be the first Apple mobile to ship with no charger or headphones in the box.

Apple recently released a new “cheap” version of its iPhone SE.

And, the iPhone 12 could be the thinnest ever thanks to new screen technology.

Are you excited for the new iPhone? Let us know in the comments!

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