Jaguar sales are on the decline as Tesla, which only sells electric vehicles, produces ten times as many cars in 2021.


Jaguar sales will plummet in 2021 as Tesla, which only sells electric vehicles, produces ten times as many.

Tesla sold nearly a million cars last year, but Jaguar only sold 9% of those.

Jaguar sales fell nearly 16 percent last year compared to 2020, with the Coventry-based company blaming a shortage of semiconductor chips for the decline.

While Jaguar is beginning to shift its focus to electric vehicles, sales of its iPace SUV fell by 27% year over year.

This was in sharp contrast to Tesla’s electric-only vehicle sales.

Last year, it sold 936,000 cars to customers, which is ten times the amount sold by Jaguar.

Jaguar’s total sales for the year were 86,270, but the brand was hit even harder in the final months of 2021, with sales down 48 percent from the same period in 2020.

Land Rover sales increased by 3.4 percent, a 3.4 percent increase from the previous year for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

However, its sportier sister brand, the ‘big cat,’ was unable to keep up.

Elon Musk’s Tesla sold seven cars for every Jaguar sold in the United Kingdom.

JLR has been impacted by the global semiconductor shortage that has impacted nearly every manufacturer in the last 18 months, with some manufacturers deferring new car deliveries until 2023.

Jaguar, on the other hand, was hurt by the massive shift away from diesel engines, as the company was slow to adapt and change.

Sales of Jaguar’s all-electric iPace SUV have dropped 50% since its launch in 2019, with less than 10,000 units sold globally last year.

“The New Range Rover is the embodiment of Jaguar Land Rover’s vision for Modern Luxury by Design,” said Lennard Hoornik, JLR’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“We are overjoyed that the positive response to the launch of this first all-new modern luxury model has resulted in a large order intake.”

Furthermore, alongside our all-electric Jaguar I-Pace, the Land Rover Defender continues to contribute to a record order bank.

“Although the industry’s semiconductor supply challenges persist, our wholesale volumes are improving.”

“As supply improves in 2022, we look forward to completing deliveries to global customers.”

With 30,000 employees, JLR is the largest car manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

Tesla’s sales mirrored the increased demand for electric vehicles in the United Kingdom.

From 2020 to 2025, their global sales doubled, with the Model 3 becoming the country’s best-selling vehicle.

The Model 3 sold 9,612 units, compared to 4,625 Minis, the closest competitor.

Petrol is a type of petroleum.

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