I’ve been discreetly testing the new Apple Watch 7, so throw away your old one right now.


STRETCH those wrists – there’s a brand new Apple Watch here.

I’ve been secretly testing the Apple Watch 7 for a week and yes, it’s barely different from last year’s model. But it’s still the most brilliant thing you can put on your wrist.

Let’s get it out of the way: not much has changed from the Apple Watch 6.

There are some minor upgrades that are very welcome, including a larger and more impressive screen. Oh, and faster charging.

But you probably won’t (and shouldn’t!) be upgrading if you have the Apple Watch 6. Who is doing that, anyway?

If you’re coming from an older Apple Watch or no Apple Watch at all, then you’re really in for a treat.

After all, that’s the overwhelming majority of people who are thinking about buying this.

Let’s start with what’s actually new.

The Apple Watch 7 has a full-screen watch face, with a large screen that’s 20% bigger than last time.

That means it’s easier to see and use what’s on the screen. It really is.

Apple has softened the edges of the device, but it generally looks similar to previous iterations.

That’s great because it’s now a beloved design that people obviously like.

The always-on screen is now 70% brighter, which is noticeable. It’s much easier to see the time at a glance, even when you’re in the sun.

Colours are perhaps one of the big reasons to upgrade, not least if you’re a fashionista.

New aluminium case colours include Midnight, Starlight, Green, Blue and Red.

I’ve been using the Green case, and it’s really nice – especially matched with a green band.

It’s a dark green and could easily be mistaken for black unless the light catches it. Surprised and delighted, I am.

For Stainless Steel cases, you’ve got options of Silver, Graphite and Gold.

And for the truly cash-flush, you can opt for tougher-than-nails Titanium or Space Black Titanium.

You can then customise even further with the seemingly infinite selection of straps available.

Basically, there’s more opportunity to customise the Apple Watch and make it your own than ever before.

Apple has added a couple of new watch faces, but I still go for the Infograph face.

You can just fit so much on it – and it’s easier to use now that the screen is larger.

In a single face I’ve got UK and NYC times, my heart rate, a compass plus current elevation, my health metrics (including exercise minutes, calories burned and time spent standing), battery life, the date and the local weather.

It’s impressive that all of that is fit in a single watch face, arguably with room to spare

And it means the watch is versatile for almost any… Brinkwire Brief News.


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