ITV Hub is currently unavailable. When will it reopen?


ITV Hub is currently unavailable. When will it reopen?

Thousands of spectators tuned in to see France take on Switzerland in the latest round of 16 match when the ITV HUB failed. So, when will ITV Hub be available again?

ITV Hub, which has allowed thousands of Britons to watch Euro 2020 games this year, has crashed on customers during tonight’s match between France and Switzerland. Users have complained about the program showing a dark screen for others when the same corner is taken.

Users who were irritated by the app’s failure resorted to social media to vent their frustrations.

“Itv hub stuck on the corner kick still ffs,” one user complained.

“Every other channel on @itvhub operating perfectly, ground hog day for the 4th minute corner #FRASUI,” someone else tweeted.

“I literally missed the France v Switzerland match due to the ITV hub being frozen for 30 minutes,” a third stated. “Find a solution!”

The official Twitter account of the ITV hub published a statement informing users that they were aware of the problems.

“We are currently experiencing technical difficulties and are striving to restore services as quickly as possible,” their tweet read.

When new information becomes available, this website will update this page.

We’re having technical difficulties right now and are working to restore services as quickly as possible.

At 8.08 p.m. BST, the website received 12,946 reports of the ITV hub crashing.

While some users have had their streams restored, others continue to be kicked from the service.

“Whoops, what’s going on here?” says an error notice on the app. We realize it’s the last thing you want to hear, but your video appears to be taking a long time to load.”

The problem is affecting people all around the UK, according to comments on downdetector and Twitter.

“It buffering and stopping again, this is poor, sort it out,” one user stated.

Similar problems have been experienced by people tuning in to see the first episode of Love Island.

“The problem with ITV Hub is that when it freezes, it continues from the frozen point instead of catching up to real time 🙁 #LoveIsland,” one Twitter user said.

“The ITV Hub is mad behind, Jack Fowler just entered the villa on my screen,” one user said of the app’s slowness.

Viewers may now watch both Love Island and the Euros on the app, which appears to have worked things out.

ITV Hub apologized to users on Twitter and directed them to “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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