ITV DOWN — a live television station that ‘crashes with pixellated footage and poor sound quality.’


ITV crashed across the UK in a surprise outage today – but is now fixed, the broadcaster says.

The live TV channel stopped working properly, leaving viewers frustrated.

Thousands of watchers have complained about the mysterious issue.

Most of the affected TV fans say that the channel suddenly became very pixellated.

Watchers also moaned that sound quality dropped significantly.

Other reports suggest the live ITV channel was freezing and stuttering.

Confused viewers flocked to online outage tracker Down Detector to complain about the problems.

Thousands of viewers reported issues from across the country.

However, some users – including Sky and Virgin customers – were still able to watch ITV perfectly fine.

Watchers in Bristol, Sheffield, Essex, Teddington and West Yorkshire all complained about being unable to watch ITV in its normal quality.

One angry viewer on Twitter moaned: “ITV down. Hard luck if you want classic Corrie.

“This is turning into a really s*** day!”

ITV has a host of shows currently airing across its channels.

They include Classic Coronation Street, Winning Combination, Dress to Impress, and Demsey and Makepeace.

ITV’s 4pm line-up brings Tipping Point, Secret Crush, A Touch of Frost and The Professionals.

At 5pm, we enter the evening roster with The Chase, You’ve Been Framed!, And Minder.

A live report chart suggests that the issue began at around 3pm.

Most viewers are complaining about the live ITV channel and not the online ITV Hub.

An ITV spokeswoman told The Sun: “We apologise for the reduction in picture quality experienced by viewers watching ITV on Freeview (standard definition), this afternoon.

“Service for these viewers has been restored.”

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