It could take three more years for MOT testing to get to ‘anywhere near normal.’


It could take three more years for MOT testing to get to ‘anywhere near normal.’

According to a garage owner, drivers will endure MOT mayhem for at least three years as a result of last year’s MOT prolongation.

At the height of the pandemic, he said, the decision to lengthen MOTs due between March and September for six months had turned the car trade into a “seasonal trade.” Drivers were pushed to get their MOTs over the winter due to the delay, with many unable to schedule checks.

The pandemonium, on the other hand, will endure for at least another three years until garages “return to normal.”

Due to the fact that tests are always valid for 12 months, drivers will no longer be checked in the summer, a busy winter program will remain.

However, Jonathan Barbera, Managing Director of Parkers MOT, Tyre and Service Centre in Haywards Heath, has warned that if car sales do not improve, the crisis will persist even longer.

“It has turned the motor trade into a seasonal job, which is bizarre,” he remarked.

“We usually have these peak periods of the year, between March and September, where we have a lot of MOTs.

“Right now, we’re in September to February. It’s completely insane. It’s unbelievable.

“We have to work the strangest hours, starting at six a.m. and finishing at eight p.m.,” says one employee.

“For the next six months, there is almost no work; there is a 60 to 70 percent decline in work.

“You’re reliant on new car sales, and new car sales have been poor,” he continued.

“Then you have to wait three years for these new car sales to be due for their first MOT.

“That’s how large of a backlog we have, and how long it’ll take us to go back to normal.

The six-month extension was first implemented by the DVSA to guarantee that people may continue to travel for critical purposes during the pandemic.

It was also employed to guarantee that essential services were maintained, that people had access to food and medicine, and that crucial professionals were able to commute to work.

Mr Barbera stated that the plan was primarily beneficial to customers because they did not have to worry about anything.

He called the initiative a “bonkers notion” and said it was implemented as a “knee jerk reaction” by the government.

Last year, almost ten million drivers took use of the program, deferring millions of exams until the winter.

Mr. Barbera has created a petition in support of his cause. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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