‘It can be harmful,’ says a new ‘simple’ caravan system that attempts to reduce vehicle theft.


‘It can be harmful,’ says a new ‘simple’ caravan system that attempts to reduce vehicle theft.

Caravan thefts surged in 2020, and some anticipate that they will continue to rise, but one company is attempting to discourage thieves.

Sentry SL, situated in Gloucester, manufactures anti-theft technology in the hopes of reducing the number of caravan thefts. Our Smart-Lead device has taken four years to create for professional installation in vehicles built before GPS tracking was standard.

According to its website, almost 4,000 caravans are stolen in the United Kingdom each year.

Only 8% of these caravans are found and recovered.

According to statistics on crime prevention, caravans with additional security equipment are less likely to be stolen.

Sentry SL’s Smart-Lead will also include a set of window stickers indicating the presence of a built-in GPS tracking system.

If the caravan is taken, the odds of it being recovered swiftly are much higher.

The Smart-Lead was created by Steve Roberts, a businessman and former construction project manager, for use by trade professionals.

It may be installed into instruments like drills so that their whereabouts can be tracked using GPS tracking on a mobile phone app if they are stolen or misplaced.

Additional versions are being developed for a variety of applications, including as agricultural machinery, jet skis, and electric bikes.

Mr Roberts was inspired to build and design the system after witnessing “devastated” colleagues having their equipment stolen and being unable to recover it after 40 years in the construction industry.

Mr Roberts discussed his plans for the company with Business Live.

“We want to make it easy for individuals to protect the things that matter to them, whether it’s the family campervan or the equipment they need to make a living,” he explained.

“These valuables are easy to steal, but difficult to recover, and their loss can be emotionally and financially devastating.

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“Smart-Lead not only assists in the recovery of stolen products, but it also aims to dissuade theft.

“We know the technology works and that there is a tremendous demand for it.

“The next step in our journey is to ensure that we can sell the Smart-Lead at a fair price.”

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