Is your internet connection slow? BT just announced the largest-ever fiber upgrade.


Is your internet connection slow? BT just announced the largest-ever fiber upgrade.

BT IS bringing next-generation full-fibre connections to millions of broadband consumers across the UK, according to the latest progress update from the business, which also powers home internet supplied by Sky, Vodafone, TalkTalk, and other providers.

BT announced progress on its full-fibre broadband rollout during its most recent results call. To enable downloads at 1,000Mbps, this next-generation infrastructure replaces aging copper connections, which are significantly slower, have less bandwidth for busy streets, and can be disrupted by bad weather. In comparison, earlier this year, the average household broadband speed was only 71.8Mbps.

Virgin Media is close to connecting 16 million homes to its Gig1 network, which offers the same 1,000Mbps download speeds as BT. The telecom’s Openreach brand, which provides internet infrastructure to BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone, and a number of other well-known companies in the UK, has reached 5.16 million homes.

BT announced on its previous earnings call that Openreach’s full-fibre network had reached 4.6 million customers. So far, the organization has added 560,000 people in just three months. That’s quite an achievement, especially since there were still a number of coronavirus limitations in place during that time.

BT presently has 860,000 full-fibre customers across the country, up from 753,000 in the previous quarter. Meanwhile, EE now has 4 million 5G-ready contracts and SIMs, up from 3.2 million previously.

BT has already announced plans to invest £15 billion to help Openreach quickly expand its full-fibre network across the UK to 25 million premises by December 20206, including at least 6.2 million of those in rural or semi-rural regions. The construction is expected to reach 75,000 units per week at its height.

Despite this massive growth, there are reports that Sky is considering moving its broadband customers from Openreach to Virgin Media O2, which, following a multibillion-pound merger earlier this year, aims to offer its gigabit-capable network to other brands to compete with Openreach.

BT Group CEO Philip Jansen said during the company’s quarterly earnings call, “We’re powering ahead with our network construction programmes: With increasing customer demand, Openreach has now built full-fibre broadband to more than 5 million premises; EE has announced intentions for 5G on-demand anywhere in the UK by 2028.

“We’ve also achieved an agreement with the CWU1, our largest trade union, allowing.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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