Is WhatsApp about to be BANNED? A viral message warns of an impending’monthly cost.’


Is WhatsApp about to be BANNED? A viral message warns of an impending’monthly cost.’

WhatsApp users are being scared by a viral hoax message that claims the app has been suspended.

Users would be charged for using the app, according to the voice message.

The viral message appears to have been around since 2019, yet it occasionally resurfaces in new forms.

It’s a major issue in India, and The Indian Express has had to disprove it before.

The message has been devised by hoaxers to make people feel compelled to forward it to other WhatsApp users.

An English version of the message, according to News Meter, reads, “If you do not share this message, your WhatsApp will become invalid.”

It states that WhatsApp will be taken offline as a result of a “central government” decision, and that there are too many WhatsApp users, which is “bad for the country.”

This is a foolish and false claim, like with most hoax texts.

It’s merely a scammer attempting to terrify people into forwarding the message and continuing the chain.

It initially states that you must send the message to 50 individuals, but then clarifies that you just need to email it to eight people in order to keep your account active.

If WhatsApp users don’t do what they’re instructed, they’ll be taxed 499 Indian rupees every month, according to the hoaxer.

That’s about £4.85/$6.61 in today’s money.

The most essential thing to remember is that this is a scam message, and you should never forward it or anything similar to other WhatsApp users.

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