Is the NHS app down because of a Covid error?


Is the NHS app down because of a Covid error?

THE COVID pass system has encountered an unforeseen malfunction, with many users across the UK reporting problems with the platform – but is the NHS app currently unavailable?

During the coronavirus epidemic, the NHS app is one of the most significant apps for Britons, serving as a record of vaccinations and recent test results. Many users have reported issues with the platform, with many unable to utilize the Covid pass via the app or website.

Users are unable to access their Covid passes through the NHS app and website, according to NHS Digital.

Britons use the Covid pass to demonstrate confirmation of immunization status as well as recent test results.

“There are now challenges with using the Covid Pass on the NHS app and website,” NHS Digital tweeted.

“We’re looking into it and will provide an update as soon as we can.”

When people go abroad, attend events, or visit certain locations, they use Covid passes.

For travel or when visiting domestic locations and events, the NHS Covid Pass is accessible in digital version.

Travelers can also request a paper NHS Covid Pass letter, but this takes longer to arrange.

Users are seeing error messages or a notification that high traffic volumes are “limiting access to the service” instead of the typical Covid Pass.

Several social media users who were intending on traveling today expressed their concerns about the outage and sought assistance.

“I need to get my COVID pass because I’m going on vacation tomorrow,” Abigail Herbert tweeted, “but I can’t get on the APP because numbers are limited.” “Is there anything that can be done about it?” “My 12-year-old disabled daughter, who is doubly vaccinated, can’t get a Covid travel permit since the system doesn’t allow children that age to have an account on the App, and we as careers who are linked to her NHS data can’t do it on her behalf,” Stefan Micallef added. Why?” “I need my covid vaccination permit to fly abroad on Friday,” Twitter user @goforsimplicity tweeted, “but your website keeps stating “unexpected problem.” Please assist.”

“EasyJet, what are the steps for flying if the Covid travel pass app is not working?” PCorky tweeted.

People should get a PDF record of the Covid Pass from the app or website, according to one Twitter user. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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