Is it possible to watch it live on ITV Hub? You’re missing out on a fantastic new Love Island feature.


Is it possible to watch it live on ITV Hub? You’re missing out on a fantastic new Love Island feature.

Every night, viewers can watch the latest Love Island action on ITV HUB, but they will be missing out on an interesting new feature.

You’ll miss out on an amazing new feature from ITV if you watch the latest drama unfold inside the Love Island villa on ITV Hub. The UK broadcaster, dubbed Shoppable TV, has teamed up with LG, a South Korean technology company, to allow fans to add things mentioned on the show to their shopping basket without having to look away from the latest re-coupling.

Boots is one of the first companies to join the ground-breaking new system. When viewers with an LG see a product they’d like to use in the presentation, they can tap a button to bring up an overlay with further information on the item. To help put the product in context, similar products from Boots will be suggested. Users can also choose to see all available goods from the episode of the show that they’re viewing. If something catches your eye, a second tap will add it to your basket.

You won’t have to worry about punching in a credit card number using your remote because the payment isn’t done through your television. Instead, a link is sent to your smartphone, allowing you to quickly and securely pay using Google or Apple Pay.

Love Island fans with LG Smart TVs can use their TV remote to access the shopping interface at any time. However, you must opt-in to receive notifications and utilize the shopping service, so people who don’t want to spend money while binge-watching reality TV won’t be disturbed by pop-ups to add products to their basket.

ITV is depending on technology from TheTake, a contextual product discovery business that specializes in AI, to make its new “see it, shop it” approach work. Because TheTake’s technology is embedded into LG TV sets in the UK by default, no modifications are required to make the capability work in millions of households across the country. This new agreement with ITV, however, is the first time it has been used.

ITV has previously acknowledged plans to roll out its new shopping service on other series across several genres after launching it in Love Island. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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