Is Facebook down because it’s been hacked? What is the cause of the social networking site’s downtime?


Is Facebook down because it’s been hacked? What is the cause of the social networking site’s downtime?

According to users, Facebook is down, with individuals attempting to access the website and its sister social media sites encountering difficulties.

This evening, the social media behemoth Facebook and its connected services are having troubles. Users have complained about problems with the platform, as well as the messaging app WhatsApp and the photo-sharing app Instagram. In the last hour, Site Down Detector has been inundated with reports.

Facebook is down, according to thousands of reports this evening.

“User complaints indicate problems at Facebook,” says Down Detector right now.

The site received a total of 58,639 reports at its peak.

Although the number of reports has decreased, people continue to have problems all around the world.

More than 16,600 customers have reported problems as of around 6 p.m.

People are fleeing to Twitter, the sole major social media platform, fearing that Facebook has been hacked.

Tony, one of the users, said: “Facebook, as well as WhatsApp and Instagram, are experiencing technical difficulties. Has it been hacked?” Trillian, for example, added: “As of 5 p.m. in the United Kingdom, Facebook appears to have crashed.

“If the entire system has gone down, it must be serious. I’m curious if it’s been hacked.” Facebook and WhatsApp have also tweeted on Twitter, but no specific cause has been mentioned.

Facebook said in a statement that “some individuals are having problems” accessing the app.

They also apologized for the inconvenience and said they will endeavor to “bring everything back to normal as soon as possible.”

WhatsApp issued a nearly identical statement, thanking users for their patience while they worked to “restore normalcy.”

The following is a quote from the WhatsApp statement: “We’re aware that some people are having problems using WhatsApp right now.

“We’re working hard to restore normalcy. Thank you for being so patient!” On both Down Detector and Twitter, the majority of individuals have taken the situation in good humor.

“Glad it’s not mine I can’t get into then,” one Down Detector user commented. “Thought I clicked the incorrect button or something.”

“Looks like we’ll have to have a chat with others in the house now,” another added.

One even joked that a Facebook post they were about to make was “crucial to world peace,” before adding, “We’re doomed…”


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