iPhone SE 3 2022 Renders Sport an XR-like Design


Face ID to Replace Touch ID?

iPhone SE 3 2022 renders have surfaced online, showing an iPhone XR-like design rather than the iPhone 8’s similar design with all the massive bezels on the sides.

Renders for the iPhone SE 3 in the year 2022

According to a report by Digital Trends, leaker David Kowalski has released new renders of Apple’s budget smartphone, which is currently referred to as either the iPhone SE 3 or the iPhone SE 2022.

The new renders of the upcoming entry-level iPhone suggest that it will have a design similar to the iPhone XR, which was released back in September.

12th of this year.

As a result, the new renders of the iPhone SE suggest that the smartphone, which was released in 2018, is resurrecting this year.

It’s worth noting, however, that the SE 3 render only features the XR’s front-facing notch.

The rest of its body, on the other hand, has a look that is still reminiscent of an older Apple mobile device, the iPhone 8.

With the massive bezels gone, it appears that the Touch ID feature is bidding the low-cost phone farewell.

As a result, the additional notch on the iPhone SE renders only implies that Face ID will replace Touch ID on the entry-level device.

The render leaks of the iPhone SE, according to Digital Trends, resemble the iPhone 13 mini.

It’s worth noting that there were no size specifications included in the leak.

With a body that appears to be based on the iPhone 8, it does appear to be smaller than today’s flagship releases.

Brinkwire News: The iPhone SE 3 is now in trial production, with a release date set for early next year.

What We Know So Far About Apple’s iPhone SE 3

Although the latest iPhone SE renders suggest that its design is a cross between the XR and the 8, reputable Cupertino giant analysts disagree.

According to PCMag, both reputable Apple analysts Ross Young and Ming-Chi Kuo believe the next iPhone SE will retain the same design as the iPhone 8.

In contrast to previous reports, the entry-level iPhone will not be sporting the iPhone 11 design when it launches in 2022.

On the other hand, two reliable sources claim that these are currently only rumors.

Meanwhile, in a previous tweet, Young stated that the

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