iPhone sales may be halted as Apple issues a final threat to a UK court.


iPhone sales may be halted as Apple issues a final threat to a UK court.

As part of an ongoing legal fight, Apple has threatened to ban all sales of its best-selling iPhone smartphone line in the United Kingdom. The following are the reasons why the Californian firm has made the ultimate threat.

Due to an ongoing patent issue in the UK courts, Apple has threatened to cease iPhone sales. Due to “commercially unacceptable” terms in the lawsuit, lawyers for the Californian corporation, which manufactured the UK’s first and second best-selling smartphones last year with its iPhone 12 and iPhone SE series, issued the threat.

The dispute began when Optis Cellular Technology, a UK patent holder, sued Apple for claimed patent infringement after the latter declined to pay $7 billion (approximately £5 billion) in license fees for utilizing “standardised” smartphone technology in its products. While Apple claims that the patent’s technology is widely used in the industry, a British High Court judge has decided that the iPhone maker has infringed on two Optis patents that enable devices to connect to cellular networks.

“Everyone thinks of Apple as the market leader in smartphones,” Kathleen Fox Murphy, an Optis lawyer, said in a statement announcing the lawsuit, “but Apple has to purchase in most of the technology in an iPhone.”

Optis Cellular Technology, along with its sibling firms PanOptis, Optis Wireless Technology, Unwired Planet, and Unwired Planet International, is one of several “non-practicing” corporations. Patents are held by these firms for a number of technology that they did not originate. Instead, these businesses make money by filing lawsuits. Some call these companies “patent trolls.”

The Optis Cellular Technology case in the United Kingdom isn’t the first time Apple has been the target of Optis Cellular Technology. Last year, sibling company PanOptis filed a lawsuit against Apple in Texas, which resulted in a fine of $506 million (£365 million) for a patent related to the usage of 4G mobile internet communication.

In July 2022, Apple will face a trial to determine how much the Californian giant must pay for patent infringement. Even though the court only addresses UK patent infringement, the UK Supreme Court determined last year that a UK court would be entitled to set the fee that Apple would have to pay for the use of certain protected technology around the world.

Despite the fact that UK courts have upheld the verdict, the fee will be increased. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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