iPhone, Android, and Windows users will soon be able to use new emoji… However, one is already contentious.


iPhone, Android, and Windows users will soon be able to use new emoji… However, one is already contentious.

THE LATEST SET OF emoji has been revealed ahead of its release later this year on iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac. One of the accepted characters, though, is already stirring controversy.

Prepare to express yourself in a completely new way – 102 different ways, to be precise. That’s how many new emoji will be available later this year on your smartphone, PC, and web browser. To commemorate World Emoji Day on July 17, 2021, draft versions of these all-new characters have been released, and you may already vote for your favorite.

Every year in March, new emoji are released, although this year’s batch was delayed owing to Covid. That means the designers have had a little more time to work on them, and it appears that the extra time has paid off in the form of some interesting and creative designs. The World Emoji Awards voting is now open, and you can vote in the “Most Anticipated Emoji” category for any of the new emojis.

For some, the new applications for the characters are self-evident. A pleasant handshake will be available in 18 different skin tones, and a stylish saluting emoji will be ideal for those patriotic times.

The lovely “heart hands” emblem is going to become a popular way to convey support to friends and family. Another depicts a face gazing through its fingers, perhaps horrified at a horror film or a reality show about traffic accidents. Fans of ABBA and Eurovision will rejoice with the arrival of the gleaming new disco ball. On social media, a troll character could be employed to call out bad behavior.

Others are a little less well-known. The “hand with eye” emoji is a “hamsa” sign, which is used as an amulet in the Middle East to ward off the “evil eye.” The x-ray, beans, and ring buoy emojis aren’t particularly useful, but the melting smiling will come in handy during heat waves.

The characters “pregnant guy” and “pregnant person,” which have already ignited debate on the internet, are by far the most controversial. Despite the intended usage, one man stated, “I’m just going to use it anytime I eat too much.” “This is the emoji you send your pal after drinking all night and scranning a nasty kebab,” another mocked.

Others speculated that it was a “Brinkwire Summary News” gesture.


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