Instead of Skype, Microsoft is integrating Teams into Windows 11.


Instead of Skype, Microsoft is integrating Teams into Windows 11.

MICROSOFT’S campaign to convince users to abandon Skype in favor of Microsoft Teams will continue with the release of Windows 11, the company’s next big operating system upgrade.

During a high-profile live stream today, Microsoft formally unveiled its “next version” of Windows. The important event officially unveiled Windows 11, which has a new Start menu, a slickly revamped user interface, and much more. Apart from that, Windows 11 will include one important change that will affect users of Skype, the venerable video conferencing program.

Microsoft introduced the Meet Now feature in Windows 10 last year, which integrated Skype inside the operating system.

Given the prominence of Teams – another Microsoft-owned video conferencing application – at the time, this was a surprising move.

With its Windows 11 update, the Redmond-based IT giant is now addressing this issue.

Microsoft stated today at the Windows Event that Teams will be integrated into the Windows 11 experience.

Teams will be prominently featured on the new Windows 11 Start menu, as well as integrated throughout the OS, according to Microsoft’s Panos Panay.

The Microsoft keynote that unveiled Windows 11 began at 4 p.m. BST today, giving PC users their first official look at the operating system. A number of leaks surfaced in the run-up to the event, one of which has implications for Microsoft Teams and Skype users.

According to Windows Latest, a leaked preview of Windows 11 revealed that Skype will no longer come preloaded.

Of course, Skype will still be available for download through the Microsoft Store, but it’s an additional barrier that Microsoft has erected for individuals who prefer Skype to Teams. After all, as soon as you install Microsoft Teams, it will be ready and waiting for you.

The Meet Now feature, which allows Windows 10 users fast access to Skype’s video conference features, was also scrapped, according to the leaked build of Windows 11.

This was confirmed during the Windows 11 launch event.

All of these changes in Windows 11 appear to be part of Microsoft’s ongoing effort to transfer Skype users to Teams. Video conferencing facilities have been increasingly popular since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Surprisingly, Skype, which debuted in 2003, lagged behind rivals like as Zoom, to which users rushed. “Brinkwire Summary News,” on the other hand.


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