Instagram is down again today: What is the cause of the outage?


Instagram is down again today: What is the cause of the outage?

INSTAGRAM is down again tonight, and while there are tens of thousands of reports from users who have been affected, there is some positive news.

Thousands of Instagram users are unable to use basic functionalities after the service went down again tonight.

This encompasses almost everything, with Instagram currently experiencing a large-scale outage of features.

Thousands of reports indicate that an outage has occurred in areas of the United States and Europe.

However, this is on a far lesser scale than the previous Instagram issues, which lasted about an hour.

While we don’t know why Instagram is down again, the good news is that it’s on a lesser scale this time, which means it’ll be down for less time.

“My Instagram is completely down,” one afflicted user adds. Feed won’t load, I can’t see my story or postings, and my followers and followers won’t load either. I can’t even get my own profile to load.”

“It says I can’t refresh the feed,” another adds, “but I can write and submit stories.” “Greetings from Herzliya, Israel.”

If tonight’s troubles persist or worsen, Instagram is likely to release further information.

The official outage website for tonight’s new troubles with the messaging and video service is presently offering guidance on how to erase comments and access other portions of the program.



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