Inside an alien sect led by a 98-year-old woman who was’resurrected’ by an ET trio.


The ‘World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation’ cult leader claims she has died several times but is always “saved by three aliens wearing diving suits”

An alien cult member is being sued by his wife who claims the bizarre group has made him violent.

Since joining The ‘World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation’ five years ago, Bagdat Polat says her husband Metin Polat has been using ‘psychological and physical violence’ against her.

The foundation is reportedly a headed up by a “female sheikh” who claims to have died several times only to be reincarnated after she was “healed by three aliens”.

A Turkish man who died diving into the River Thames in London, had apparently been trying to copy her miracle.

Bagdat who tied the knot with Metin in 2003, is filing for a divorce following the impact the Turkish-based group has had on their family life in Istanbul.

Bagdat told local media outlet Hurriyet: “He joined them five years ago. Then things changed. Once, he told me that ‘I’d rather die than leave the foundation’. He used psychological and physical violence against me.”

She is asking for TRY 2 million (£156,000) in compensation as well as monthly child support to the tune of TRY 13,000 (£1,014).

The woman is alleging that her husband started believing that “the foundation’s ‘Knowledge Book’ was superior to the Quran” and in “cosmic energies”.

She reportedly said in her filing: “He attends foundation meetings three times a week, each lasting five hours. I don’t know what he is doing all that time. I am a mother, and I am worried for my children.”

According to publicly available data on the website of the Istanbul-based foundation, which is active in 33 countries, the leader is 98-year-old Bulent Corak, also known as the “female sheikh”, Hurriyet reports.

It is said that Corak was supposedly “saved by three aliens wearing diving suits” when she was ill, and she reportedly claimed: “I come back to life after all my deaths.”

Metin Polat disagrees with the court action and reportedly said in a statement: “My wife’s allegations are groundless.”

He added, after reportedly saying that the foundation is legal and teaches people about love: “My wife has taken some of my words that I said as a joke for real.”

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Hurriyet reported that the ‘foundation’ made headlines in 2018 when a Turkish. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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