In wet conditions, different speed limits would ‘improve highway safety.’


In wet conditions, different speed limits would ‘improve highway safety.’

According to the RAC, speed limit adjustments that restrict motorists in rainy weather circumstances would “likely improve the safety of motorways.”

Drivers are “broadly supportive” of lower speeds in wet circumstances as a strategy to prevent road deaths and injuries, according to new statistics from the organisation. The plans to encourage “better driving” were endorsed by nearly three-quarters of 2,100 drivers polled by the RAC.

When it starts to rain, one-third of drivers believe the speed limit should be reduced to 60 mph.

Meanwhile, 17% stated they’d like to see speeds reduced even lower to 55 or 50 miles per hour.

In 2019, 30 percent of the 806 individuals killed or seriously injured on Britain’s highways were engaged in an accident while the road surface was wet.

The RAC warns that this is higher than data from four years ago.

Currently, France is the only country in Europe with a similar system in place.

In poor weather, speed limits are reduced from 130 km/h (80 mph) to roughly 110 km/h (68 mph).

The RAC’s data insight spokesman, Rod Dennis, claimed rainy weather occurrences contributed to “substantial numbers” of casualties.

However, he has warned that implementing a dynamic system will present “several unique challenges.”

“Overall, our data reveals that, as is already the case over the Channel in France, drivers are largely supportive of lower motorway speed restrictions in wet conditions,” he said.

“And, while most drivers reduce their speed when the weather gets bad, statistics show that ‘driving too fast for the circumstances’ and ‘slippery roads’ are still among the top ten causes of motorway incidents, resulting in a large number of serious injuries and even deaths each year.

“Of course, the overall success of any plan would be contingent on a sufficient number of motorists slowing down.

“However, even a small percentage slowing their speed in the rain will likely improve the safety of the UK’s highways.

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“There would also be a number of practical challenges to overcome, including determining the lower limit, revising the Highway Code, and installing roadside signage to warn vehicles of the new limits.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” was written by drivers who supported the new RAC proposals.


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