In the text of the Brexit deal, obsolete software from the 1990s appears


Netscape Communicator and Mozilla Mail references as “modern” lead to concerns as to whether text has been copied and pasted.

The EU-United Kingdom Brexit Deal Decades-old computer software such as Netscape Communicator is described as “modern,” raising concerns that some of the text might have been copied and pasted. Online commentators gladly expressed the observation that Netscape Communicator – released in June 1997 – and Mozilla Mail are described as “modern email software packages” on page 921 of the painstakingly born commercial agreement. Prof B Buchanan OBE (@billatnapier) 26 December 2020 OBE (@billatnapier) 26 December 2020
In the 1990s, the allusions triggered a flood of nostalgia on Twitter and the exchange of memories of old Internet browsers such as Netscape, which was replaced by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The text of the agreement reads, “The s/MIME functionality is built into the vast majority of modern email software packages, including Outlook, Mozilla Mail as well as Netscape Communicator 4.x, and works with all major email software packages. ” In June, Liz Truss started trade talks with Japan with a pledge that the UK will create itself as a “global technology superpower. “I really believe that we are world technology leaders,” the secretary of state for international trade said.A Home Office spokesman said, “The provisions in the related annex to the agreement set out the cooperation measures required by law. We are currently using the latest technologies to exchange this information, which is adequately secured and in accordance with the guidelines of the National Cyber Security Centre. Separately, on Tuesday, the UK revealed that it has signed a free trade agreement with Turkey, the first since agreeing to leave the EU with a Brexit agreement. Parliament will be reminded on Wednesday to allow MPs to discuss and vote on the bill to bring Downin.

An 80-page draft version of the bill was released on Tuesday, leaving little time for MPs and others to consider it.


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